About SNU and OIA

About SNUgle-i

    The Office of International Affairs has newly opened a website and developed several videos as a SNUgle-i project. SNUgle-i stands for Smart, Nudging, Useful information platform. OIA put all the useful information on SNUgle-i website and videos for international members of Seoul National University to get helpful information while they stay in South Korea as well as study in SNU. All international members including international undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and faculties will get information and the idea of how to adapt to the new academic and cultural environment in SNU via SNUgle-i platforms.

    How to use SNUgle-i

    Hundreds of institutions of Seoul National University have their own websites, including SNU's official website (https://en.snu.ac.kr/). Likewise, OIA put all the useful information including how to improve academic performance and adjust yourself to the new circumstances at SNU on SNUgle-i website. We will add urls of other institutions’ websites to the relevant information in order to provide more accurate and detailed information.

    In addition, we will post videos on SNUOIA Youtube channel to make it easier for international members to understand our information. Also, each page of the SNUgle-i website will be provided with the SNUOIA video containing information that we couldn't explain on the SNUgle-i website. Do you have any additional inquiries in the video? Please leave your comments in the “comments section“ below the SNUgle-i website anytime.

    Who does manage SNUgle-i?

    The SNUgle-i website and videos are managed and developed by the Office of International Affairs at Seoul National University. If you’re curious about what we do, please check out our video about OIA below.

    When the pandemic ends soon, OIA’s staffs will start meeting our international members face-to-face. Although it’s difficult to visit OIA now due to the pandemic, we will provide as much detailed information as we can via SNUgle-i website and SNUOIA Youtube videos.

    For more information on our university's responses to Covid-19, please refer to the OIA COVID-19 notice board.

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