Guide for Living in Korea


    National Holidays in Korea

    Koreans officially follow the Gregorian Calander, though some holidays are based on the Lunar Calender, such as Seollar, Chuseok and Buddha's Birthday. During the official holidays, offices and banks are closed but palaces, museums, most restaurnts, department stores and amusement facilities are open. Parents' Day (May 8), and Teacher's Day (May 15) are not national holidays but are celebrated with much love and respect.

    January 1 New Year's Day
    January - February Seollar (Lunar New Year's Day with a lunar calender)
    March 1 Independence Movement Day
    May 5 Children's Day
    April - May Buddha's Birthday (with a lunar calender)
    June 6 Memorial Day
    August 15 Independence Day
    September - October Chuseok (with a lunar claneder)
    October 3 National Foundation Day
    October 9 Hangul Proclamation Day
    December 25 Christmas

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