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    Applying for a Visa

    Before studying or teaching in Korea, you must apply for the appropriate visa at an overseas Korean embassy or consulate. Please check with the nearest overseas embassy or consulate for instructions on visa application as it may vary by location. Once approved, please check your visa’s expiration date. You may need to apply for an extension prior to departure.

    Visa Types

    • Student Visa (D-2): for general students seeking degree at SNU or exchange/visiting students
    • Training Visa (D-4): for students who will attend Korean language programs only
    • Research Visa (E-3): for researchers conducting research activities in a lab or research institute
    • Professorship Visa (E-1): for professors seeking to give lectures in an educational facility
    • Overseas Korean Visa (F-4): Overseas Koreans

    Student Visa (D-2)

    Required Documents:

        - Passport
        - Visa Issuance Application Form
        - *Certificate of Admission (Issuance from the president or chief dean of a university)
        - A color photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
        - A copy of certificate of business administration
        - Certificate of the latest scholastic achievement
        - Documented proof of your financial ability (amount of money equivalent to the tuition fee and living expenses for a year: 20,000 USD)
        - Note: The Korean Embassy or Consulate abroad may ask you to submit additional documents.

    *Certificate of Admission
    The certificate of admission is an official document which is approved by Ministry of Justice and iussed by Seoul National University. It is only required for international students during visa application and the document which approves admission to regular degree programs of individual foreign students at SNU. If any modification/re-issuance is required on the document, students should contact directly with staff in I-Office in charge.
    Contact:, Tel. +82-2-880-4447 

    For Chinese application ONLY

    Documents must be submitted to Office of International Affairs in SNU for receiving 'Certificate No. of Visa Issuance' required for their visa application.

    • A color photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
    • A copy of valid passport
    • A copy of ID card (including whole family's ID copies)
    • A copy of census report listing all members of family with notarial certificate in Korean/English
    • Original bank statement (minimum of 13,000 USD valid for two semesters ahead)
    • For Bachelor, Gaaokao transcript and certificate of graduation OR Huikao certificate/Huikao transcript and cerificate of graduation, original credential report of graduation/transcript from China Academic Degree and Graduate Edcation Development official confirmation of graduation/transcipt certificate from the Korean embassy or consular office in China.
    • For Master & Doctor, original credentials report of graduation/degree (final education completed) from China Academic Degree & Graduate Education Development Center ( OR original certificate of graduation/degree certificate from the Korean embassy or consular office in China scholarship certificate can replace an original bank statement. 

    Professorship Visa (E-1)

    Required Documents:
         - Visa Application Form
         - Confirmation letter from SNU
         - Passport
         - Photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
         - Certificate of experiences and degree
         - Employment contract, confirmation of the professor appointment
         - SNU registration certificate

    Visa Extension

    The duration of the visa is determined by the Korean consular officer, and the expiration date on your visa may not match the ending date of your degree program or employment contract. If your visa expires before you complete your program, you will need to apply for a visa extension at the Korean Immigration Office.

    D-2 Visa Extension

    Reservations for the extension of stay can be made up to 4 months in advance of the expiration date of stay.

    * One-day advance policy: You should make a reservation at least one day prior to the optenial appointment date. Therefore, a reservation made on the appointment day is not effective.

    Required Documents
    • Passport
    • Residence Card
    • Visa Extension Application Form
    • Certificate of Enrollment
    • Proof of Bank Account and Necessary Funds (including tuition fee statement and proof of living expenses)
    • Transcript
    • Proof of Residency
    • Students’ Thesis Schedule with Faculty confirmation
    • Service Charge

    * Visa extension will be restricted according to students' academic schedule. Especially for students who completed course, they will be permitted extension of stay only 1.5 years (Master's course), 3 years (Ph.D course). Students MUST graduate within the period no matter what. Also, please note that visa will be automatically canceled within 30 days according to the school registration change such as dis-enrollment, dropout, leave of absence, expulsion, graduation or Korean nationality acquisition. 

    Change of Visa to D-2 Visa

    To change from another visa type to D-2 visa while staying in the Korea, submit the following to Korean Immigration Office:
        - Passport
        - Residence Card
        - 2 recent color photos (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
        - Application Form
        - Certificate of Admission and/or Certificate of Enrollment
        - Proof of bank account and necessary funds or a notarized letter from guarantor
        - Certificate of the latest scholartic achievement
        - Service charge

    Visa applicant must claim their visa within 3 months after:
       - the date of application or
       - the notification date of Minister of Justice's approval (Applicable only if one is needed)
    Otherwise, the applicant must apply for a new visa. Required documents can be added or changed depending on individual circumstances.

    E-1 Visa Extension

    Required Documents
    • Application Form
    • Passport
    • A Standardized Photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
    • Proof of Residency
    • Employment Contract (Original and Copy)
      * If you are hiring a representative, you must submit the power of attorney, proof of employment of your representative and your representative IDs.

    HiKorea Website

    HiKorea is the main site of the electronic government for foreigners, jointly created by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Ministry of Labor. It was created with the purpose of providing investment, employment, residence and everyday living related information and services from a single source to foreigners visiting Korea.

    How to register Residence Card

    For alien registration that requires an in-person application, visit reservation must be made through HiKorea website.

    Click Reserve Visit and proceed as a non-member.
    Identify yourself by using your passport number; activated at least a day after you enter Korea.
    Enter “GWANAK” as the district information and select the jurisdictional immigration office as “Seoul Immigration Office”.
    Fill out the reservation form and click “Apply”. Make sure to print out or take a screenshot of the confirmation page.

    How to register other immigration affairs

    Except for alien registration, almost all application for immigration affairs (alteration of residence, change of information on alien registration, re-entry permit, part-time work permit, extension of sojourn period, etc.) can be made online through HiKorea website.

    Join HiKorea website with your alien registration information.
    Click Petition Application to proceed.
    Select the type of application and proceed. The list of required documents must be uploaded as a pdf or an image file. Some applications may charge you an application fee.
    After finishing the application, frequently check e-Petition Application Status in the home to confirm whether the application is completed. The office may reject it or require additional documents to be submitted.
    Seoul National University Office of International Affairs, CJ
    International Center(Bldg, #152), Seoul National University, 1
    Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826 Republic of Korea

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